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In the 1980's I was working for Borland on Turbo Pascal with these contributions amongst others

  • BASM, the inline assembler for Turbo Pascal, Delphi and C (16 & 32 bit)
  • Specialized Turbo Pascal3 to use the 8087 floating point hardware and BCD real type
  • Implemented graphics in Turbo Pascal3

I live in Denmark.
I am a partner of Innovative Business Software A/S, Copenhagen, Denmark
I mostly do 112 alarmsoftware and general interfacing with various equipment using all kinds of protocols.
Also I do hardware for interGATE, a fleet controll unit using ATMEL CPU's. Still developing stuff...

Mail address:  Christen at my.domain

In 1990 I wrote my first article on coroutines, for PCWorld, to be used with Turbo Pascal on pc's. Files here1990

Go and see my new coroutine design for Arduino.


Mit firma:
Innovative Business Software A/S
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Et ældre godt projekt: HSPascal, High Speed Pascal