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is a Pascal compiler supporting the Palm Computing(r) platform.
It is running on Windows platforms and produces fast, small and optimized native Palm programs.
HSPascal has many buildin extensions known from Turbo Pascal, like reals, strings and sets.
Read more or better yet, get your own copy for free.

Founded in 1990

The history of HSPascal started in 1990 with High Speed Pascal for the Atari and Amiga computers.
Now HSPascal also supports the Palm Computing(r) platform.


  • 100% written in Borland Delphi (tm) for Windows platforms
  • Resources imported or inline in Pascal source
  • Floating point support without MathLib and the hassle
  • Strings the easy way
  • Compile a program like DoodleHS.pas into DoodleHS.prc in 1.0 second
  • Or 5000 source lines to 25KByte in 2 seconds (last measured in 1995 :-)
  • Handles codesize up to 64 KBytes
  • See more features, links and examples
  • One step installation, and you can compile your first program within 5 minutes

Latest news

I have stopped selling HSPascal as a commercial product.

Please get the unlimited version of HSPascal, all at no cost.

Short HSPascal example

A small demo, click to see sourceShort example.

Click to see source.
It has about 60 lines, including comments and other non-productive lines.

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HSPascal started in 1990 supporting the Atari and Amiga computers.
It was written in 100% pure 68K assembler, including IEEE floating point library.
After a few years the sales dropped along with the hardware.

HSPascal was sold under the names

  • "Maxon Pascal", Maxon gmbh, Germany, with integrated IDE
  • "High Speed Pascal" through HiSoft, England, using there very nice IDE (editor) and debugger

Have a look at the Amiga version from HiSoft or search AltaVista / Yahoo / google for reviews etc.

The HSPascal compiler is written by Christen Fihl

HSPascal features

Instead of reading the following it might be faster just to try a demonstration of HSPascal on your own computer.

  • Very fast and easy installation, less than 2 MByte download
  • IDE with context sensitive help on Palm API functions
  • No need for dos command, all is inside one single program
  • Strings are native "C" strings, but still declared as "var S: String[20]". No allocation hassle, no overwritten memory, plain simple.
  • Byte, Integer, Longint supported. Native Integer size is 16 bit. 32 bit integer calculations works too
  • Set types with max 256 elements
  • Floating point (+, -, *, /, Sin,Cos,ArcTan,Ln,Exp,Sqr,Sqrt), without using MathLib
  • Assembler right inline in the Pascal code
  • Resources inline in Pascal code, makes visual inspection easy
  • Resource import from raw bin files like "tAIB03e8.bin" for PilRC usage like {$R *.bin} and {$R *.ro}
  • Header files written in Pascal Units (PalmSource license obtained to distribute)
  • Some extra units like Crt, HSUtil, ...
  • Inline assembler (HSAsm), using normal 68K syntax
  • Runtime library included, written in Pascal style, using buildin HSAsm and Pascal
  • No temporary files used/generated, all memory based. Clean compile every time
  • Disassembler included for easy code inspection (68K assembler)
  • Map file output: Source file vs binary code, symbol table
  • HSPC, a commandline version of the compiler (for usage under other IDE's)
  • Produces fast optimized code
  • Source files can be precompiled/encrypted for safe 3th part selling of your source files (on request)
  • Interfaces to PilRC and PiBuilder
  • Most small programs can be contained in one single source file
  • No known problems using new ARM devices
  • Newsserver news:// open to users (U:beta,P:tester)
  • HSPascal Manual, 70 pages in pdf format

Known bugs and missing items

  • HSPascal is not a visual developement package. It looks more like TurboPascal than Delphi
  • Some header files not translated to Pascal


HSPascal is designed for programmers having some knowledge in programming. HSPascal is not designed for programmers mostly doing drag and drop. A typical user could be a Turbo Pascal user or an advanced Delphi user.


PP Compiler
winsoft PocketStudio

My first wikipedia entry?



Benchmarks (Integers)
aldweb "Bench2" (Floating-point)

Alternative IDE's Pascal/hspascalindexeng.htm (P.O.I.V.R.E & P.F.E.I.F.F.E.R)

Users (Click "Palm Freeware" / "Gratuitiels Palm")

Other links

Old HSPascal on Amiga/Atari


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This version is the full version, as I see no reason in maintaining a demo too:

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Latest news

I have stopped selling HSPascal as a business.
I do accept donations, thanks.

The price used to be €75, now free

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