HSPascal, Features

High Speed Pascal

HSPascal Features

HSPascal features

Instead of reading the following it might be faster just to try a demonstration of HSPascal on your own computer.

  • Very fast and easy installation, less than 2 MByte download
  • IDE with context sensitive help on Palm API functions
  • No need for dos command, all is inside one single program
  • Strings are native "C" strings, but still declared as "var S: String[20]". No allocation hassle, no overwritten memory, plain simple.
  • Byte, Integer, Longint supported. Native Integer size is 16 bit. 32 bit integer calculations works too
  • Set types with max 256 elements
  • Floating point (+, -, *, /, Sin,Cos,ArcTan,Ln,Exp,Sqr,Sqrt), without using MathLib
  • Assembler right inline in the Pascal code
  • Resources inline in Pascal code, makes visual inspection easy
  • Resource import from raw bin files like "tAIB03e8.bin" for PilRC usage like {$R *.bin} and {$R *.ro}
  • Header files written in Pascal Units (PalmSource license obtained to distribute)
  • Some extra units like Crt, HSUtil, ...
  • Inline assembler (HSAsm), using normal 68K syntax
  • Runtime library included, written in Pascal style, using buildin HSAsm and Pascal
  • No temporary files used/generated, all memory based. Clean compile every time
  • Disassembler included for easy code inspection (68K assembler)
  • Map file output: Source file vs binary code, symbol table
  • HSPC, a commandline version of the compiler (for usage under other IDE's)
  • Produces fast optimized code
  • Source files can be precompiled/encrypted for safe 3th part selling of your source files (on request)
  • Interfaces to PilRC and PiBuilder
  • Most small programs can be contained in one single source file
  • No known problems using new ARM devices
  • Newsserver news://news.fihl.net open to users (U:beta,P:tester)
  • HSPascal Manual, 70 pages in pdf format

Known bugs and missing items

  • HSPascal is not a visual developement package. It looks more like TurboPascal than Delphi
  • Some header files not translated to Pascal


HSPascal is designed for programmers having some knowledge in programming. HSPascal is not designed for programmers mostly doing drag and drop. A typical user could be a Turbo Pascal user or an advanced Delphi user.