CWC, CWComfort, a morse keyer with lazy attitude

My morse keyer, the one without timing hassels

By Christen Fihl, OZ1AAB

PS: No public code yet


Years ago I gave myself the task of making a morse coding device, that is anything but a plain keyboard. Could have been a braille typewriter machine, having some 7 keys. But having a lot of morse kind of devices already, I stayed on the side swiping things.

Having tried the iambic mode, I realised that the timing part of “put a dash into the dots at the right time” was the hard one. And when typed and transmitted goes 1-to-1, i.e. you hear what you send, it would be even harder to transmit on different speeds. Using iambic, the timing in putting a dash into the L, . _ . . would be different using speed 12 and 18. I also wanted the correct letter spacing, and even word spacing (well that did call for some timing stuff)

My mantra/dogmas

Implementation, physical

Implementation, the one timing that really needs to be there

Pressing dih or dah button will make 1, and max 2 dih/dah’s. The shortdelay determines when you get 2.

After same shortdelay without any dih/dah, you will get a letter space.

After a longer shortdelay without any dih/dah, you get the word spacing

Examples of keying

di da Nomenclature  
dih  i  short press dih
dah a short press dah
dih dih  I  longer press dih
dah dah A longer press dah
shortdelay - at least shortdelay
the long shortdelay a longer shortdelay
L Morse How it’s keyed alternative
M _ _ aa A
S . . . iI Ii
L . _ . . iaI iaii
V . . . - iIa Iia
1 . _ _ _ _ iAA  
2 . . _ _ _ IAa IaA or iiaA or ..
 CQ _ . _ . / _ _ . _ aiai-Aia  

Hello World = II-i-iaI-iaI-aA – iA-aA-iai-iaI-aI

Only timing is - and –, and you just key as fast as you like.

CWComfort vs Iambic

VS CWComfort  Iambic Iambic?
wpm ok bad Iambic forces you to track wpm used 
counting ok bad Iambic forces you to “insert dot on correct timing”
release ok bad Bad as you also have to release inserted key on right timing
A easy easy  same same
C easy, but more keys   easy, but timing sucks Iambic still needs timimg to release on last dah
2 easy tough remember to release after 3 times dah, and timing depends on wpm


Get a Leonardo from Mouser

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