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High Speed Pascal by Christen Fihl

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is a Pascal compiler supporting the Palm Computing(r) platform.
It is running on Windows platforms and produces fast, small and optimized native Palm programs.
HSPascal has many buildin extensions known from Turbo Pascal, like reals, strings and sets.
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Founded in 1990

The history of HSPascal started in 1990 with High Speed Pascal for the Atari and Amiga computers.
Now HSPascal also supports the Palm Computing(r) platform.


  • 100% written in Borland Delphi (tm) for Windows platforms
  • Resources imported or inline in Pascal source
  • Floating point support without MathLib and the hassle
  • Strings the easy way
  • Compile a program like DoodleHS.pas into DoodleHS.prc in 1.0 second
  • Or 5000 source lines to 25KByte in 2 seconds (last measured in 1995 :-)
  • Handles codesize up to 64 KBytes
  • See more features, links and examples
  • One step installation, and you can compile your first program within 5 minutes

Latest news

I have stopped selling HSPascal as a commercial product.

Please get the unlimited version of HSPascal, all at no cost.

Short HSPascal example

A small demo, click to see source Short example.

Click to see source.
It has about 60 lines, including comments and other non-productive lines.

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Last update: 2011